Reader's Response

Students will be expected to read and complete a Reader’s Response every week on an article that he or she has read. They are expected to analyze a news article by understanding the magnitude of the story, the comprehensiveness of the information and the reliability of the sources. Students will be given time in class to prepare their responses. Articles should relate to the text or theme being studied.

You will be graded on content, organization, voice, and conventions. Write on one side of the paper only, using blue or black ink. Be sure to use MLA guidelines.

Questions to Consider as you write your review:

*Who is writing the article?

What are the author’s qualifications?

What audience is the author addressing?

What is the article about?

What sources does the author use?

*What is the author’s main point, or thesis?

*What evidence has the author used?

What limits did the author place on the study?

What is the author’s point of view?

Was there anything that was left unfinished? Did the author raise questions or make points that were left   orphaned in the paper?

Did it make sense?

What does the point made by the argument mean in or to the larger context of the discipline and of contemporary society?

Is the organization of the article clear? Does it reflect the organization of the thesis statement?

Does the author’s disciplinary focus lead her or him to ignore other ideas?

Were there any problems with grammar, sentence structure, or word usage?