Students learn in the early middle grades that they have an option not to turn in their assignments. More and more choose this option as it is one that requires little or no work or effort. Instituting the Power of I Strategy will create an environment whereby Failure Is Not an Option. When assignments aren’t ready, or they are incomplete or seriously below the standard and quality of expectation, I can use the POWER of the “I” to give a grade of incomplete. The Power of “I” holds students to high expectations and creates standards of learning for all students. This sends the Right message to students. The blame game points back to the student. When students come home with an F or a zero, they (and their parents) often blame the teacher. However, when students come home with an “I”, only the student is to blame. “The Power of I” essentially places the responsibility for learning where it should be - on the student..

What does the “Power of I” look like?

1. Students no longer receive zeros when work isn’t turned in; they don’t have an option not to turn in work.

2. Late work is just that – late – but it must be completed if I am to correctly determine if students know and understand the standards being taught and assessed.

3. Students will be given extra help opportunities (required) to complete the work during the school day (not during the class – ever), after school, or whatever fits the school’s possibilities.

4.Consequences change for students not having work ready to turn in on time: Parents will be contacted and asked to assist in this endeavor. Additionally, a parent conference is required at a pre-determined number of missed assignments or failed tests, etc.

5. Students will receive an “I” on any assignment not turned in, and One or more “I”s will result in an “I” grade for any report period.

6. Tests may be excluded from the policy. Students may be given opportunities to raise test scores by coming in during extra help times.

7. Students cannot receive an A (or a B ) on any assignment that is late or turned in incomplete .

8. Students will never receive an F if an assignment is completed within the year or semester.