Instructional Goals and Outcomes

Students in Grade 10 should be able to: [Process Skills]

1. Read the equalivalent of 10-12 books of various types and lengths.

2. Write every day, including a paper to be graded each week.

3. Speak and present information frequently in a variety of formats.

4. Listen to presentations frequently for a variety of purposes.

5. Use technology in a variety of formats.


In addition to the above process skills, students should be able to: [Content Skills]

1. Develop vocabulary appropriate to reading, writing and speaking proficiency.

2. Summarize, paraphrase and categorize information.

3. Compare and contrast information, ideas and structures to clarify meaning of various materials.

4. Make inferences and predictions.

5. Connect what is read to personal experience and the world beyond the classroom.

6. Identify and interpret literary structures, elements, devices and themes.

7. Use an appropriate process to prepare to write.

8. Compose writing that conveys a clear main point with logical support.

9. Edit and revise writing for the strongest effect.

10. Use English language structure and grammar appropriately to communicate effectively.

11. Use research skills to locate, gather, evaluate and organize information for different purposes.

12. Use appropriate organization, language, voice, delivery style and visual aids to match the audience and purpose of oral presentations.

13. Use active listening strategies to organize and respond to information presented in different formats for different purposes.